Adam Victor on the Blackout 2012

What impact does a city wide blackout have?

Mr. Adam Victor takes a tour of New York City during the 2012 blackout. As you can see all the stores close down, security crews need to be out in force, and only a few select places have any power or lights. So what kind of impact can this have on a city even if only for a few days? The first is the economic effect. With hundreds of stores closed, the loss in revenue individually is small, but collectively very large. This also can impact wages for workers, as well as additional cost to security companies that can charge a premium for services during these times.

It also puts a strain on city workers as many are required to work overtime to cover extra shifts to keep the city secure and work to repair the damages. So what can be done? With an improved infrastructure built with modern day foresight many of these outages can be avoided.

Why TGE is Unique?

It’s the only project:

  • Proposed after 9/11
  • Public Service Commission deemed applicationcomplete and the DEC issued draft air and water permits June of 2003
  • Still awaiting final permit even after the August2003 Blackout
  • Last applicant in the New York State Article Xprocess

The project offers:

  • Blackstart capability for New York City – theelectric grid AND steam system
  • Unprecedented backup capacity
  • Connections to Queens, Brooklyn and Wall Streetswitchyards with voltage control on ALL three grids

Learn more in the slide show below or PDF below.

View Vulnerability of New York Infrastructure Report